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Rated as one of the top cities in Europe, Barcelona is a modern day gem on the Mediterranean coastline. Teeming with rich culture, history, art and heritage, it is no wonder why this picturesque city is one of most visited destinations in the world. From world class beaches, endless number of Tapas restaurants and a 24/7 electric nightlife to countless art museums, architectural marvels and a general feel-good vibe around the city, Barcelona is definitely a place you want to visit.

Being a coastal city, the weather here is generally warm and pleasant throughout the year. However, during summers Barcelona gets quite hot and humid; typical of any coastal city. The cooler months begin from September, hence making November a breezy time to visit Barcelona.

Visiting Barcelona in November offers two main advantages - First, due to the decrease in temperature, travelling in and around the city is much easier and more enjoyable as compared to the hotter months, when you are literally drenched in your sweat (Ugh).

Secondly, the tourist season comes to an end, so getting admission into attractions will not take you forever (literally), and you will be able to get much better deals on hotels and tickets. All in all, Barcelona in December is truly enchanting, with lesser crowds, a good number of outdoor events and a jovial atmosphere all around.

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