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America is in the throes of a #metoo revolution this year as more women are opting to speak up about the harassment they have experienced with male authority figures at work, their assault experiences, and their ultimate fear of shaming, loss of employment and vengeful retribution. How seemingly fit and ironic that figures who once were as horrific and overpowering as a zombie on The Walking Dead show, are finally having their masks stripped by those women who are reporting they were tormented in October, the month of Halloween.

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When hearing women and men’s stories in my therapy practice Center for Love and Sex, I am called upon again and again to help clients and their partners deal with past sexual boundary crossings, sexless marriages, and non-erotic routines, many of which played important roles in dissatisfied sexual relationships. This blog is for women as they prepare to head out in the dating world. This process can be so awkward, disheartening and downright embarrassing they seek help at CLS for support and guidance on taking those first steps back into sexual relationships.

For women who are beginning to date after a divorce, there are unique desires, concerns, and questions they have regarding their return to sexuality with a new partner(s).

Here are some guidelines to avoid tricks (both internally and externally) and discover some treats in the dating world.

If you’ve had a long hiatus from your sexual pleasure (because, I know, the sexless marriage/relationship thing is real), begin by awakening your body with self-pleasuring. If it’s dancing that gets your groove back on, throw on some music or go out dancing with friends. Sign up for a social dance class that gets you moving with a partner without any expectations of romance, just some embodied fun.

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